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The #1 international dance education in Europe is coming to LONDON starting this october!

Choose your length of stay from 1 - 8 months

Your teachers to name a few...

The most amazing international line-up will be your teachers. Teachers, choreographers and educators from all over the world to train you in a brand new studio in central London.

Malou Linders, Jordy Sparidaens, Marty Kudelka, Kirsten Dodgen, Ricky Jinks, Lukas McFarlane, SHAY, Kenzo, Diana Matos, D N P R I, Ivan Koumaev, Amari Monster, Luz Remigio-Frias, Didde Mie From, Toby Deedaran, Mille Lund, LOLA Beckers, Caetlyn Watson, Candance Brown, Nat Bat, Jowha Van de Laak, Brian Friedman, Sergio Reis, Zachary Venegas, Daniel asamoah, Kerrie Milne, HomeBros, Tyrik Patterson, Nikita Litvichenko, Zacc Milne, Jordan Funk, Maniek Kotar etc.

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A Snippet of our graduates work resume:


What can you expect from the Copenhagen Dance Education in London?

1) World-Class Training and Professional Development

Embarking on this journey it will catapult you into a world of dance beyond your wildest dreams.

Our top-notch international faculty will provide you with comprehensive training that spans across various dance genres and techniques, to not only enhance your existing skills but also open your world to new and exciting dance styles.

The program has been designed to provide a conducive environment for growth and development, focusing on making you a versatile, industry-ready professional. Your growth as an artist will be showcased in our annual performances and auditions, which will give you an edge in a competitive industry.

2) Industry Exposure and Networking Opportunities

Our program goes beyond just training; it is your stepping stone into the professional dance world.

By participating in scout sessions and auditions, you’ll be exposed to some of the industry’s main influencers and have a chance to showcase your talent and versatility.

You will be a part of a dynamic, supportive community that will push you to reach your full potential.

Through our inspirational dance trips to Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Copenhagen and participating at Move It in London, you will get unique opportunities to network with leading choreographers and educators.

You never know – your first paid job might be just around the corner!

3) Personal Brand Development and Portfolio Building

In the modern dance industry, it’s not enough to just be a talented dancer; you also need to have a powerful personal brand.

With professional photoshoots included in the program, you will walk away with a captivating portfolio that showcases your unique style and prowess.

Our program also encompasses classes filmed in L.A. style, choreographed concept videos, and creative solo projects, all of which will contribute to building a robust portfolio. Not only will you gain crucial stage experience, but you’ll also develop skills in content creation, equipping you to thrive in the digital age of dance.

By the end of these transformative months, you won’t be the same person who walked in.

You’ll be a well-rounded, versatile, industry-ready dancer with a powerful personal brand and an incredible portfolio to match. Step into your dream career with Copenhagen Dance Education’s program in London and start shaping your future in dance today.


What does our students and teachers say?

Emms Rask

Rosalina Holmgaard

Molyanna Enis

Olivia Kungsmann

Brian Friedman

Lucas McFarlane

Ricky Jinks

General Information

Next seasons starts October 2023.
Mon - Fri // 10.00 - 15.00

8 months program

4 months program

5 months program

3 months program



*If the contact form doesn’t work, send a mail to josefin@copenhagendancespace.dk.